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SCROLL DOWN FURTHER [Dec. 4th, 2004|01:16 am]
[mood |Explanatory!]

Recently, I realized that I am a list person. When I know I have to "get up" early to make a grade for some class that is looming over my head like a dark black scary cloud, I will make a list. Not ONLY does this list include all my pre-school day rituals such as shower and makeup, but any extraneous homework that could fail me if I say, don't do it. Such articles of trivial importance include: 1)Read Letters from a Birmingham City Jail by Mr. King Jr. 2)Read Civil Disobedience by Henry David "Rain Dancer" Thoreau 3)History reading (completely optional) so maybe I won't aggravate Nick so much by passing with better grades than he and not even glancing at a text book 4)ORGANIZE BINDERS!!!! 5)Actually wake up before 6:40am. I write these lists at 1:30 in the morning, four hours before I plan to greet the day. OF COURSE I NEVER EVER EVER WAKE UP BECAUSE I need my sleep and my subconscious sabotages any of my efforts to multitask, i.e. wake up and study calc at the SAME TIME!!!! *Oohs and Ahhhhs heard from shocked and amazed bystanders* Once again, my masochistic nature prevails during these times as it is 1:30, revise that, 2:30am, I am DEAD TIRED and I am making a list of what to do in whatever order and then planning exactly how my morning will pan out, minute by minute. This is because I am a perfectionist and when I actually do my work, yes, even housework, I must say I even amaze myself...

Such was the aforementioned list two days ago. Did I wake up? No. Did I read for history? What fool do you take me for? Did I get to arrive at school as the sun peaked over the rooftop of that most wonderful of scholastic establishments? Of course not, that would mean I would fair better than a 68 out of 120 on the latest Chinese Torture method discovered referred to in the States as a test utilizing both anti-derivatives and derivatives on the same page. Then mixing in logs and natural logs and e to the who-gives-a-crap x power. Despite my dismal performance on the test, I did much better than I could have imagined. Sad but true, Calculus has lowered my standards...but ONLY in the for that class and those silly little tests.