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I think I have a personal vendetta against sleep. I can't make myself… - The Following is an Insight Into the Mind of an Extrovert [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 29th, 2004|12:32 am]
I think I have a personal vendetta against sleep. I can't make myself do it. There must be something wrong with that. I am certainly NOT an insomniac but my body refuses to shut down until the wee hours of the morning, aka 2:30am. Or maybe I just don't let it shut down until then. Either way I am silly for resisting such bliss as my unfortunately dreamless rem.
On another note, I got a new cell phone. It has pretty colors, wallpaper, and bad ring tones. Best of all, it has photo caller id so, when people like Amy call my mobile device, a ceramic rooster that I photographed on my Samsung E315 previously this eve appears behind her name. Plus, my favorite bad ring tone, one entitled 'Meggy's reminiscences' (a jarring, very digitally hoe-downish ringer) blares and informs me of her attempted telephone connection on my cellular telephone.
Also, I went to Alderwood Shopping Center today. I think I love earrings: dangly ones, hoopy ones, studs, i just love them all. Bracelets too. Oh, and shoes. I LOVE shoes. I also love scarves. See, I thought my mother was burning money on frivolous $40 purchases of Hawaiian soap all the while I was wasting mine own on frivolous sparkly, heeled, and/or wooly accessories. Now if that just doesn't shame a girl. Another realization I had today is this: my scarlet letter a few months ago was judge, I tend to be judgmental and I always tend to make a fool out of myself because of this disgustingly embarrassing tendency. My realization is that, while I try to distance myself from the stature of a judge, I keep quiet and observe others judging. THEN, I have the nerve to stoop so low as to pass judgment on those doing the judging. Then I go off and judge myself! One circle of judgment, how nauseating. What a big black pit of despair and disgust is that! No wonder God said that he was the only one good enough to judge others!
This just in: My Hands Smell. As I sit here, reading over my LJ (as live journal frequenters tend to call their journals), I put my hand by my mouth. It smells like my Grandpa Larry. And he smells like chewing tobacco. Since when do I smell like chewing tobacco? It is nasty and I think I will wash my hands afterall, who likes to smell like Enumclaw (where Grandpa Larry and his chewing tobacco live, thus, what I associate the smell with...half the time anyway [my mom's other parents live there too and they don't smell like chewing tobacco]). Yes, I think I will wash my hands now, after spell check anyway...

[User Picture]From: witchyazn
2004-12-30 12:00 am (UTC)

niGht 0wls

pwahaha I'm just like you.
goin to sleep at around 2ish am w00t
aww your hands smell?
ah dun worry...mine are freakishly cold right now.
right hand...okish..not that cold...
left hand...FRIGID!!
which reminds me...ok I duno.
and this chocolate power bar is nasty...
so therefore, Jessica should never get one of those.
Because they're nasty.
And who gives power bars to people for CHRISTMAS anyway...??
Yes, I got a box of power bars as one of my xmas presents...from some unknown person.
ooohh yes, I'm speshal....eh heh heh -____-"
ok guess who.
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[User Picture]From: majesticturtle
2004-12-30 07:06 am (UTC)

Re: niGht 0wls

Katie!!! I may have cheated and looked at your user info, but I still guessed correctly!!! Point for Jessica who is into three exclamation points!!!
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