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The Following is an Insight Into the Mind of an Extrovert

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What is there to say really? Beyond my uncanny ability to make a fool of myself, my astonishingly refreshing "wit", and my breathtakingly pathetic recently adopted study habits, I Am Jessie.

OH, I forgot. I like big words. Well not big words exclusively. I just like words. When I find a nifty word and 'thesaurus' it, I get more nifty words. Baffled as to how I will use the sheer myriad of words for my pleasere, I often end up misusing said nifty words resulting in a frequent butchery of the language I so love. This is seen as words I havn't quite defined properly yet crop up in inappropriate places in my writing. Thus run-ons and confusing, overdramatic, and consequently disgusting manipulations of the english language tend to mark all of my attempts at creativity. In advance, my most sencerest of apologies should be noted...